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Player information
Name: Bix
Contact: plurk: @corbix
Are you 18 or over? yes
Other characters played: n/aa

Character information
Name: Pitch Black (Formerly: Kozmotis Pitchiner)
Age: Unknown, he predates humanity
Date of Birth: Unknown
Canon: Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood
Species: Fae
Reasoning: He technically is one in canon.

Role: Unseelie - as a being of darkness and chaos, Pitch is painfully Unseelie.


Background: Once upon a time, long before humanity spread across the earth, there was a Golden Warrior brave and true, Kozmotis Pitchiner, the General of the Golden Armies and unfailingly loyal to the Seelie Court. Sworn to eradicate the monstrous Shadows that stalked the worlds devouring the light and dreams after they killed his wife and stole his daughter, he stepped up the war against them. Never again would a child have a nightmare or anyone feel unsafe traveling at night. Eventually, the General and his army succeeded, locking away the shadows and their terror in a prison of iron. The General decided to take up the duty of guarding the prison and prepared to stand at it’s door for the rest of the eternity.

However, the shadows were tricksy and after a time they imitated Kozmotis’s daughter behind the door. They begged and begged for him to save them and eventually, he caved and opened the door to be sure she was not in there. The moment he opened the door, however, the Shadows swarmed out and in to the General. They twisted inside of him, corrupting everything that was good and kind in him and turning in to the worst of their own kind.

That was how, long long ago, the Golden General Kozmotis Pitchiner was lost and the monster that would become Pitch Black was created. Eventually, Kozmotis was forgotten by all but the oldest of records and all that remained was Pitch.

Over the millennia, Pitch became less a monster and more a man once again. As his mind came back to him he didn’t remember who he used to be, and thought he had always been what he was. He listened to the stories of humans, especially the ones they began telling about himself. As stories grew, so did his power. He became the embodiment of fear, wielding the shadows that possessed him to chase humans away from the dangers he knew lurked in the dark alongside him. He was not a good man, for no being so full of Darkness could be good but he still retained the urge to protect others. It was after becoming less a monster that Pitch joined the Unseelie Court and began his rise in power.

His height of power and influence came during the Dark Ages, fear permeated most of the world and superstition ran rampant. For a being that lived off of fear it was a feast, but like all feasts it came to an end. New warriors came in to power, allied with his direct opposite they defeated him time and again. All the while, superstitions and fears of magic waned as well. Pitch lost much of his favor in the Court, and by the time the mortal world entered the Industrial Revolution he was scraping his survival on base spooks and the growing fears of war and death. Little more than a base Shade he endured for a time, learning how to turn dreams to nightmares gained him a right hand in the Nightmare he named Onyx.

Recently, Pitch has risen a bit once more. Surviving off of the fears he can gather nightly as well as the power he gains by deals between other members of the supernatural community. His fondness for old cities and their ghost stories has him making London a frequent locale of his, and recent events within the city have him curious enough to stick around.

There’s opportunity here, and Pitch has long been hungering for recognition once again. There are cracks forming in the blankness of his memories however, the hold of the Shadows over him is weakening and what will happen if that continues is anyone’s guess.

Personality: A former powerhouse of the dark ages and older than humanity, Pitch (while never really all that kind or "good") was in his own way a guard of humanity since he can remember existing. Times, however, have changed. After all in this modern day and age there's no room for monsters under the bed and shadows chasing you through the woods when there are strangers ready to whisk kids off in vans full of booby trapped candy. Pitch is old, angry, and has had a lot of time to plan his attack on the status quo.

Pitch is the Boogyman, he's the very soul of everything people have or will ever be afraid of. He's what's gone bump in the night for the past few thousand years, the shadow following behind you on a moonlit night, the literal monster under the bed and lurking in the closet. He finds delight in twisting dreams in to nightmares or stirring the occasional terror in society with a carefully placed word or two.

This isn't to say he's some mindless monster lurking in the shadows ready to pop out and scare girls and boys. He is vastly intelligent and almost infinitely patient, willing to form and execute plans that take centuries to come to fruition. While his pale, gaunt appearance lends itself to a somber outlook he has a definitive sense of rather twisted dark humor as well as a dry sarcastic wit. He doesn't see himself as something evil, fear after all can keep people alive better than wonder, hope or joy ever could in his opinion. It keeps children close to their parents and away from the monsters that would devour them or the dangers of world they're too young to deal with.

Whereas he was once something of a big deal himself in the Dark Ages, the recent centuries and rise of science and hope have left him bitter and vengeful. He wants nothing more than to return as top dog of the magical influences on humanity and will stop at nothing to do so even if it means eradicating the competition from the face of the earth. Manipulative and conniving, Pitch is more than willing to exploit the fears of others to bend them to his will or convince them to join his side of the game. He doesn't care who he hurts, especially if they're human and he isn't one to really directly apologize for what he does. He is, in his own sideways way, an utterly honest being who does as he says he will and holds others to that.

Pitch's morality is, to a vast degree, something of a blue-orange thing. Whether an action or person is good or evil has no bearing on his opinion, to him survival is what determines worth and it is seen through a lens of fear. He is something of the original teacher of the school of hard knocks; whatever doesn't kill you the first time will probably try again so learn from other's mistakes. His reactions are, at their core, either fighting against something or getting as far from it as possible as a means of survival. He is a firm follower of tit for tat, he doesn't give anything for free and will always give something in return for receiving something. This goes for both favors and insults, whether they're real or simply his perception of them.

This all isn't to say that Pitch isn't without his soft spots and fondnesses for things beyond his job, he has on exceedingly rare occasion taken a liking to the occasional human and spent time walking the world beside them or in conversation when they do at last notice his presence. Writers, dreamers, those who firmly believe that there is something more to the world and it isn't entirely benevolent are those who draw his fancy as well as those who others are afraid of for whatever reason. He enjoys sharing anecdotes of the horrors of history and the natural world, whether people appreciate it or not.

Beneath the ego and showmanship however Pitch has certainly felt the toll of the centuries of being ignored and waved off as just a figment or story. He sympathizes deeply with others over this, as he fears being utterly ignored and eventually fading away completely like so many of the other beings he shared the shadows with.

Powers & Possessions:

Pitch is a strongly magical being, though physically frail. His abilities rely on the existence of shadows and are fueled by fear (someone brave with a strong flashlight could chase him off fairly easily).

Aside from the basic fae abilities of a member of the Unseelie Court, Pitch specifically has the following due to his nature as a being of fear and darkness:

Fear Manipulation: Fear is Pitch’s main power, he has an unsettling and foreboding feeling about him. Unless blocked via spell or magical object he can intuitively read and recognize a person’s fears as a sort of 6th sense it is, as he puts it “the one thing he always knows”. He can also to an extent draw out and actively manipulate fear in an individual or small group, creating unease and fear in them where there may have previously not been any.

Shadow Manipulation: as a being of darkness, Pitch has the ability to control them to his advantage. This includes: altering his appearance (clothing creation, assuming his true form), melding in to them (becoming a shadow/multiple shadows on a wall/floor/ceiling).

Possessions: Pitch has in his possession a very old locket detailed below. It is the only thing he truly values.


World building


Pitch’s Lair

A twisted cavern on the Other Side where Pitch resides, it’s escher construction is a twisted nest with hanging cages and gloomy corners. He has a ruinous throne in the center of it where he tends to lounge.


Pitchiner’s Locket
midbasic/arcane/dark spellbooks
A small, dented and very very old locket owned by Pitch Black. Unopened for as long as he has existed, it contains the portrait of Kozmotis Pitchiner’s daughter (who looks remarkably like a very old weather controlling fae). If worn it wards off evil, and if opened in Pitch’s presence will help remind him of who he was.

Magic: n/a