Dec. 31st, 2016

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As Pitch is, in fact, a horrible creature who can literally read and manipulate the fears of anyone he comes across and will use them against them whenever he pleases I feel he does need and OOC permissions/opting post!

What I need to know

I need to know your characters fears, from their worst nightmare to the little things that make them uncomfortable. Send me the tealest herds of deer, whether they're actual canon or just your headcanons it's 100% okay!

Is it okay to manipulate your character's fear levels?

What you need to know:

Pitch is a horrible person, and he can and will say things to upset and trigger characters ICly especially if he doesn't like them (and let's face it, he generally doesn't like anyone) or if he just feels like getting a reaction from people. He will openly talk about things like cannibalism, mass murder, torture, etc. and will not ICly give a damn who hears it.

I will, of course, put cuts in and edit in warnings to his posts if it comes up. I also understand that players can be upset and/or triggered by such things so I am perfectly fine with you either not tagging him, handwaving with me or even opting out of getting the full monty so to speak.

If you wish to opt out or tell me things to avoid with you you can either tell me here or PM it to me if you wish it to be confidential. I understand that I play a very nasty character and try my best to no be a nasty player.

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