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dungeon info

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Character: Geralt of Rivia
Preferred weapon: His two swords, but he also has magic signs and his crossbow.

Closest loved one: Ciri, probably. Though there's also Yennefer, Triss, Shani... also his Witcher School bros Eskel and Lambert. Dandelion and Zoltan and Regis are his bros too. As for dead loved ones, Vesemir and Leo Bonhardt are two who come to mind.
Worst Fear: In the game, he goes through a trial which shows Geralt his greatest fear... but this was before he fought Eredin and before Ciri went to stop the White Frost. Something that incorporates these things though, maybe? The helplessness, no possibility of fighting back, Ciri being in danger that's too much for her, things of that nature?

Player limits My only thing is electric shocks bad enough to make somebody twitch? Also I do not like to hear about harm to babies or animals :c
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Character: Takashi "Shiro" Shiroganr
Preferred weapon: Hard-light/plasma/wtf is science projection around his right arm. Pogemon partner has ice, fire, plant magic.

Closest loved one: Matt Holt or Keith Kogane
Worst Fear: either of those two blaming him, turning against him, not forgiving him, and throwing him back to the Galra prison to rot and be experimented upon.

Player limits horror elements you are NOT okay with: factory accidents/large scale machinery death/injury
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Character: Princess Allura
Preferred weapon In the absence of the Castle's artillery, her staff. Magic is also a possibility in extremis.

Closest loved one: Her father, King Alfor. Or, of the people still living, Coran.
Worst Fear: Succumbing to corruption and ending up as bad as Haggar or Zarkon.

Player limits Blinding (physically - impenetrable magical darkness is fine), drowning
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Character: Usagi Tsukino
Preferred weapon Magic from her silver crystal and magical staff weapon thing.

Closest loved one: Mamoru Chiba
Worst Fear: not being able to return Mamoru and everyone else (which includes their future child and all of her friends) from being dead like she is about to do on her canon point of her arrival to this game. See, that'd be new after seeing them die, having to kill them herself, them turning against her before she has to kill them... She trusts that they'll be reborn again, "just reborn again" is like her motto and that not happening is seriously her worst fear.

Player limits physical torture or body horror happening to my girl, also reading about harm done to babies or animals.
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Character: Anafiel Delaunay
Preferred weapon sword

Closest loved one(s): Alcuin and Phedre. (If long dead people count, Rolande and Edmee)
Worst Fear: Honestly, probably watching the people that he loves die slowly. (He's already had to do this twice and it was awful both times.)

Player limits burning, mutilation